Why Does This Site Have More Information about Cricuts than Cameos?

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Why Does This Site Have More Information about Cricuts than Cameos?

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A reader asked this question in another subforum, and I thought it was worth reposting some of the answer here.

One reason is that If you started with a Silhouette Cameo (1) and gradually upgraded, you didn't have to learn a whole new technology every time, like you would have if you started with Cricut and went through Design Studio, Craft Room, and Design Space.

Another is that Silhouette hasn't attempted to convince their readers that their early Cameos are useless, as Cricut has with their so-called "legacy" machines. (Two of which, they DID effectively render useless when Craft Room was discontinued.)

Folks who bought a Cameo (1) back in the day have been bumping right along, with a few software upgrades. If they went to a Cameo 3 or 4 or 4Pro or whatever, they gained more capabilities, but they didn't have to learn a whole new system or deal with losing capabilities they used to have.

Personally, I have a Cameo (1) and a Cameo 4, both of which I bought just so I could test out and evaluate their usefulness for certain kinds of projects. The Cameo 4 is in my craft room, and the Cameo (1) is in my workshop. Obviously, if I want to cut any of the more difficult materials, I may have to do some running back and forth, but my craft room is climate-controlled, and my workshop is not. :-)

In other words, NOTHING about this site is meant to "cast shade" on Silhouette's line of craftcutters. As we begin adding projects, we will hopefully include tips that apply to both lines (and many other lines as well).
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