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Why doesn't Silhouette Studio basic handle .svg files?

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2021 10:55 am
by Paul
Way back when Silhouette cameos first rolled out, .svg files weren't the standard. .dxf files (AutoCad format) and others predominated.

But over ten years later, .svg files are by far the most common vector graphic interchange format for craftcutters, signcutters, and many other uses.

So why can't you import .svg files right into your Silhouette Cameo software?

Because they want you to pay for the privilege to do something even Cricuts can do now (and that's saying something).

I usually develop my graphics in CorelDraw anyway, so porting them to .dxf or some such is no problem.

Also, I can use Sure-Cuts-A-Lot to drive most functions on my Cameos, so if I get an .svg file I want to hurry up and cut, I can use that software.

One of these days, I'll probably spring for one of the Silhouette Studio "upgrades" that includes .svg import/expor capabilities. But there is frankly no excuse for not including that in the basic system. Folks without a compute HD full of other graphic software they can use to create workarounds are pretty stuck.

That said, Inkscape is free, and I'm told it can convert .svg files to .dxf, hint, hint. . . .