Should I keep my cartridges that have been linked?

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Should I keep my cartridges that have been linked?

Post by Paul »

Should I keep my cartridges that have been linked?
Post by Paul » Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:14 pm

Yes, unless"
You know you'll never need those images again, or
You've verified that those images are all available in the "digital image set" equivalent, and that set is linked in your account.
In at least one case (Happy Hauntings), there is a digital image set with the same name that only has a tiny fraction of the images on the cartridge. It took some serious explaining over the phone to get a fellow to track down the digital image set that has all the images and fonts on the cartridge.

In another case, I tried to link a cartridge that had a similar name as one that was already linked, and the person told me that the one I was trying to link was already linked. But it wasn't. I had to talk very slowly to make the person understand the difference between the two cartridge names.

If your cartridge contains content from any third party, such as Marvel, DC, Disney, Anna Griffin, or Martha Stewart, you may not be able to link it at all.

And a few cartridges don't have ANY equivalent digital image set.

So even if you think you're done with your cartridges, you may want to be sure before you take a ahoebox full to GoodWill or whatever. And, of course, if you're hanging on to any cartridges because you can't get the digital equivalent, you'll need to keep your old Expression around. Just have a Personal Cutter? Go to and buy an Expression - they're going cheap.
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