Can You Use "Linked" Cartridges in Legacy Machines?

This forum is for general questions about Cricut machines of all eras, as well as issues when "upgrading" from "legacy" cartridge-based Cricuts to the new software-only systems.
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Can You Use "Linked" Cartridges in Legacy Machines?

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Yes, if you have one of the following
Cricut Personal Cutter
Cricut Expression 1
Cricut Create
Cricut Cake
Cricut Cake Mini
Cricut Expression 2

Your machines don't know whether the cartridge has been "linked" or not.

If you still have a working copy of Cricut Design Studio, and your cartridge is supported by the version on your computer, it will work with that, too.

Design Studio stopped getting updated long before Cricut stopped making cartridges, so most cartridges "floating around" out there aren't supported, but I still find it handy for the ones that were,
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